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Lineage 2 Final — Gold Based

Lineage 2 Final offers challenges  to those who dare. It is a hardcore MMORPG that brings the new era  of lineage 2 Gold. Join other players in the world of L2Final to enjoy the gameplay, hardcore levelling and farming along with players-driven economy and epic PvP-battles.

Join Lineage 2 Final now and start your own legacy.

5 races and 31 classes with fundamentally different abilities

In Lineage 2 Final all races possess unique classes.Choose yours and master it.

5 races, each having its own classes:



Dark Elf


Click the icons to find out the relation between races and classes


31 classes with fundamentally different abilities:

Make friends and do parties you are gonna need them.

Levelling in Lineage 2 Final is easy.Enjoy low-level and high-level PvPs and Pks. It's a server made for all the L2Gold funs.

All classes, starting from Ivory Tower, and there starts your legacy.

Gather your friends and start farming monsters and Giants in parties,don't forget the healers and a tank.

Is PVP and hunting innocent players your favourite source of fun? We are willing to award you, if you collect a decent amount

No instances - only open game world concealing many dangers

Players-driven economy

Economy in Lineage 2 Final, from taxes to refining and crafting equipment, is fully driven by players. Open market encourages enterprising and offers many ways to earn.

Hunt monsters and giants for refining and crafting resources. But be wary as you're not the only one who is looking for something to feast on.

Master the classical trading system where profit is directly dependent on your business talents.

Sell the resources you earned for Adena and buy items from other players.

Level up your own warsmith to craft the most valuable items.

Clan wars and castle sieges

Are you willing to win authority and place in Lineage 2 Final? Or do you and your friends want to found your own kingdom? Legendary Lineage 2 Clan Wars give you that opportunity!

Create your own clan or join an existing one.

Fight together for castles and govern the biggest cities of Lineage 2 Final at your own discretion.

Get valuable loot from epic bosses and do not let your rivals do it.